Lisa Davis

Renee Simmons Raney has believed in fairies since she was 4 years old, when she saw her first fairy on her grandparents’ farm in Choccolocco.

My amazing artist friend Pat recently gifted me with an amazing piece of art. Its parts are simple — a couple of rocks with a strip of mirror …

When Irish singer Chloe Agnew was 14 years old, she was asked to sing at a show called "Celtic Woman." "It was supposed to be a one-night special," she said. "Before we knew it, it took off."

Until recently, I drove a Volkswagen station wagon. It was white. I named her Hedwig, after Harry Potter’s white owl.

I have never been so excited to get an invitation.

RIP, yet another symbol of my childhood.

I never buy lottery tickets or enter raffles, because I never win anything like that, probably because they’re all rigged.

When it comes to love and romance, ask yourself, "What Would Justin Do?"

There is a Girl Scout dad in my office. I like to think of him as the Walter White of Thin Mints. When he stopped by my cubby earlier this mon…

A long time ago, at a newspaper far, far away, I wrote my first humor column. Back then, I didn’t make fun of myself, like I do now. Instead, …

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