Laura Nation-Atchison

Instructor Penny Arnold explains the artistic importance of painter Jackson Pollock to the group before starting their t-shirt project done in…

It was one of their very last projects for the week, and all 11 of the children were in varying degrees of the task at hand.

He’s the guy you may have had in class with you as a teenager, right there at Sylacauga High School.

Jackie Stevens loves dolls. But most of all, she loves wood. From her love for wood, Stevens has become a creator of many things, but one of her fondest things to do with the wood she finds worthy of becoming “something else,” is create her tiny just a little over 6-inch doll characters.

She’s one of thousands of other Alabama college students, and on this day, the week before one of the biggest events of her life takes place, Savannah Droxler is waiting for class to start.

OK, so I have this snaz zy new car, well, for me it is, and I’m slowly learning about all the gagetry that comes with it.

The Pilot Club of Talladega hosts its 26th anniversary of the Annual Miss Motorsports Hall of Fame Pageant Saturday, July 26 at the Speed Channel Dome at the International Motorsports Hall of Fame.

He’s a classically trained pianist, who’s become a world traveling blues master when it comes to his style. His roots run deep in in the music world, and even to Talladega, where music aficionado and friend Tommy Moorehead has become pals with the music master.

The best fresh produce to take home and prepare to your table’s liking? You’ll find it. Farm fresh honey from the closest hives around? You can count on it. And as far as on site favorites ready to treat your taste buds, they’ve got those, too.

There are seven writers, each of their own niche and each with their own special stories to tell, along with some very noted songwriters, and they’re going to be the guest of Comer Museum and Arts Center for a gathering you won’t want to miss.

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