Elizabeth Lowder

The Calhoun County Beautification Board held its annual awards luncheon Friday at the Anniston Country Club. Selected in this year’s batch of winners were locations ranging from residential to commercial properties. Joshua and Jillian Bridges, a sibling duo from Saks, provided music as guest arrived.

Several businesses hosted raffles and giveaways, such as Western Auto. Tracy McKenzie, one of the managers of Western Auto, spoke about the increase of business and building.

A slow-moving system of heavy rain is coming this way, bringing the threat of severe thunderstorms to Calhoun County this afternoon, according…

Nearly 200 members of the community attended the service at the Berman Museum marking the 70th anniversary of the day Allied troops invaded the beaches of Normandy, France, to break through German army defenses.

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It’s almost here. The schools will be empty and the swimming pools full of laughing children who are excited for another fun-filled summer. Keep yours from singing the infamous I’m Bored blues with this list of 50 fun things to do together.

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