Victory Christian to participate in St. Clair County basketball and volleyball tournaments

Victory Christian basketball

Victory Christian played Ragland last year in basketball. This year, the Lions will be included in the St. Clair County Basketball Tournament.

St. Clair County School System coaches voted unanimously recently to allow the Victory Christian Lions to participate in the upcoming St. Clair County volleyball tournament and the boys and girls varsity basketball tournaments in January.

St. Clair County Athletic Director Wayne Trucks has been on the job just two months, and he said coaches from Victory Christian reached out to him recently about being in the tournament.

“I see it as the idea of being good neighbors,” Trucks said. “I presented this idea to our coaches, and they were willing to include them in the tournament.”

Springville varsity boys basketball coach Jeff Smith said it is his understanding that the Victory Christian Lions varsity and junior varsity teams will play in the tournament, but not the junior high tournament.

“I think this is OK,” Smith said. “It’s nothing earth-shattering or bad. It’s fine. That’s the way I thought the coaches felt at the meeting.”

 Ragland head basketball coach Andy Eden said coaches at Ragland were in favor of it.

“We believe including Victory Christian makes the tournament more representative of the county as a whole,” Eden said.

Smith said his only real concern deals with how they rotate hosting the basketball tournament.

“For us, it’s a money maker,” Smith said. “We only have three gyms in the county that can hold the crowds during semifinals and finals on Friday and Saturday. Those gyms are Springville, Moody and St. Clair County High.”

Victory Christian boys’ head basketball coach Bruce Breland said this is great for them.

“We appreciate the St. Clair County coaches allowing us to be part of the tournament,” Breland said. “It will expose our players to different levels of competition. That in itself will be good for us.”

Breland said his guys definitely will not be the tallest, fastest or most skilled players on the floor.

“We will have to be conscientious on fundamentals, execution and hustle,” he added. “That’s what we want from them anyway. It’s a win-win for us, and hopefully, we will bring a positive addition to the tournament, as well.”

The St. Clair County Volleyball Tournament is scheduled for Oct. 12, and will be played at Springville High School.

The St. Clair County Varsity Basketball Tournament is slated for the week of Jan. 20-25, 2020. It is Ashville’s year to host the tournament. The first rounds of the tournament will be played at the Ashville High School gym, while the site to play the semifinals and finals has yet to be determined.


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