In the past 24 hours, state print and broadcast media have started carrying a story originating out of Huntsville whereby gubernatorial candidate Scott Dawson has accused Gov. Kay Ivey of funneling $800,000 of ADECA grant funds to an organization, "Free2Be," who's stated mission is the "support of gay and transgendered teenagers in Alabama."  

So far, the only explanation from Ivey's organization was that it was NOT actually state money, but funds obtained from seizures and the Justice Department. That is a pathetic response! If it is under state control (and it was), it is state money!

A Huntsville television station is also reporting that Free2Be has closed its doors in the past few days. The same report lists assets prior to the state grant of less than $325,000, with the $800,000 resulting in a more than 227 percent increase in their assets. The question is obvious: Where did the state money go? This money must be recovered for a state that desperately needs funds for infrastructure and schools.

Kay Ivey has held several elected positions in the past, but none that calls for more integrity and judgment than that of governor of our state. She assumed the office April 10, 2017, after her predecessor was forced to resign based on moral charges. She has only served about 13 months. Consequently, she had not enough time to accomplish much or demonstrate skill in dealing with our Legislature.

Despite her ad claims of credit for automotive jobs and strong employment, the facts just don't support her assertions. Her claim for credit for Toyota's expansion is laughable since this deal was already in place before she took office. The trump Administration should get any credit for low unemployment and a great economy -- not Kay Ivey.

On June 5, please go to the polls and use your good judgment in choosing a governor candidate. There are several capable candidates on the ballot other than Kay Ivey.

James W. Anderson