They are not forgotten

Christy Burleson

 I will never forget my aunt's funeral, the preacher saying, Chick Fil A is still selling chicken and Walmart is packing them. 

Casey was actually a pallbearer, and I will never forget him pointing to his green 96 model Nissan Altima and telling Dennis Russell, who worked at the funeral home, that his car was a "chick magnet" that got him all the ladies. 

All his friends would tell you that they never expected his life to end. 

He had plans. 

I will never forget being told, eventually he would be forgotten, people move on. 

As a grieving parent, I never wanted that. 

I wanted his memory to always be alive. 

Fast forward nine years later, Casey is very much alive in the hearts of so many people, so is my aunt, and so are your loved ones. 

Being introduced as his mom, that is the best, and, yes, life goes on. 

It's not easy, but it does. 

Recently, I had the honor of meeting Casey's best friend’s babies, Nate and Nash. Congratulations to the parents, Josh and Brittany, and Dalton and Shannon. 

And then there is another friend of Casey who has a child named Jaxon Casey, who is one the cutest, without a doubt.

While people are absent from our sight, they're very much a part of us every day. 

Blessings till we meet again.