Scam alert

TALLADEGA -- Talladega police are warning residents of a new telephone scam that has been reported in the city.

According to Chief Jason Busby, there have not been any victims yet, but the threat is still relatively new.

Busby said people have reported calls supposedly coming from the Social Security Administration. The caller says they have information indicating improper charges have been made using the target’s Social Security information. If the charges are not paid back, the a U.S. Magistrate will issue a warrant, and the target will be arrested.

“That is not true,” Busby said. “The Social Security Administration does not do business that way.”

Also, he added, regardless of a who a caller claims to be, never give out any financial information over the phone.

If you feel that you may have been targeted by a scammer, get off the phone and notify your local law enforcement agency immediately.