ASHVILLE – For the sixth consecutive year, summer school is being held at Eden Career Tech Center. Principal Adrianne Dodgen said summer school started June 4, and will end July 13, for 76 students in grades 5-12.

“We will take the full week of July 4 off as we always do,” she said. “All students are from the St. Clair County School System. We use the APEX web-based class program, and students do have the benefit of working at home. They do have to come here to ECTC to take their tests.”

Dodgen said during the first full week, all students have to come to the campus. They pace the students because they have so many lessons to complete within a five-week period.

“They come here at first just to make sure they are logging in,” she said. “Making sure they are on the right track and understand how to operate the program. Working from home is a privilege. If they are making good progress, the teacher will allow them to work from home. The students have contact with the teacher in case they get stuck on anything or if they need something reset. We have about 50 percent of our students working from home.”

Summer school is held Monday-Friday from 7:30 a.m.-1 p.m. Students in grades 5-8 are in one classroom setting while grades 9-12 are in another classroom.

Dodgen noted there are 95 courses being taken, and some of these students are taking more than one course.

“While a large majority of these students take summer school due to credit recovery, we do have some students who simply want to stay ahead,” she said. “Or they need to clear their schedule next year because they want to take some advance placement courses. We do have some seniors here, and when they finish the lesson plan, they will receive their diplomas.”

Dodgen said they have a grant program this year again that provides the students with free breakfast and lunch.

Chris Conner, a business instructor at ECTC, is in his fourth year of teaching summer school.

“It’s rewarding to help these students move on in their lives and be successful,” Conner said.

Catrina Cedotal, an APEX instructor at ECTC the past seven years, is teaching high school students during summer school. This is her third year to teach summer school.

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