Sticks and Stones

Christy Burleson

Christy Burleson writes a weekly column called Life with Christy each week for the St. Clair Times.

The other day Zoey, my 6-year-old, came home crying because one of her classmates at school made fun of her bangs. 

You see, I’ve been teaching her the old sticks and stones saying. 

At church the other day, at The Gathering Place, Matt, our preacher, talked about this Bible that leaks oil and how there was a newspaper article written about how it is fake, and the oil was bought from Tractor Supply. 

There are documented cases of healing from that Bible and people come from all over the world to see it. 

Anyways, that ministry is on pause right now while the “investigation” is done. 

You see, Matt reminded us, “What does God say?” 

If there was a newspaper article about you or someone talks about you, does it even really matter? 

I explained to Zoey that I’ve been talked about, made fun of because I like to wear dresses, etc… 

That’s life. 

It’s inevitable. 

What really matters is what God says. 

So out with the old sticks and stones verbiage and the words from others are just that - words. 

Yet her worthiness comes from the Father. Just like everyone.  

Blessings till next time.