It is a first for middle school bands in St. Clair County.

According to SCCHS band director Brandon Cornutt, the Odenville Middle School eighth grade band is the first to pass the State Band Assessment with an all Superior rating.

"The St. Clair County High School band has passed State Assessment every year I have been here," Cornutt said. "For this middle school band that is made up of just 18 members, it is a pretty big deal.

"Words don’t describe how proud I am of them. They have worked so very hard. They put a lot of effort into it every day in class. They have done everything I have asked them to do."

Cornutt said this group of eighth graders was a good beginner band last year, and they have practiced year round.

"They are all second year students with the exception of two students," Cornutt said.

The state has eight districts and the OMS band was in the district that went to Gadsden City High School.

"There were 60 bands that performed over a three-day period," Cornutt said. "We had to play three selections. One is typically a march. Then you have to play one song that is off a state-approved list of music for your grade. That is how they grade you. The third piece can be whatever we choose."

At the state level of competition, there are three judges on stage performance, and then go to a fourth judge who evaluates them on sight reading.

"This middle school band received a superior rating from all four judges," Cornutt said. "I am so pleased."

Robin Hill is the SCCHS Band Booster secretary, and has a daughter who is a junior and on the color guard squad.

We have a great band," Hill said. "Mr. Cornutt does a wonderful job and he really cares about those kids."

There are also two seventh grade beginner bands at OMS.

Cornutt said the spring concert for all the bands is scheduled for Thursday, April 24, at 6 p.m. at the SCCHS gym. Dr. Ken Bodiford, band director at Jacksonville State University and a graduate of SCCHS, will be the guest conductor.

"We are looking forward to Mr. Bodiford coming back home," Cornutt said. "We will also have a guest alto-saxophone player in Danny Thomas. This will be a good attraction for people to come see."