Sometimes a principal will do things to entice the students to go the extra mile: a pie in the face; dressing up like a hot dog so students can squirt ketchup and mustard on them; becoming a human hot fudge sundae; maybe even kissing a farm animal.

But when Betsy the cow came to Margaret Elementary School Friday for a kiss from Principal Joe Goble, she wanted nothing to do with him.

It is a good thing Betsy stayed in her trailer, because she kicked and head-butted everything in sight. Goble even tried to feed Betsy some carrots, but this cow was not to be kissed this day.

Finally, Goble came as close to the trailer and Betsy as he could and blew her a kiss … that she snorted away.

"Our Fall Read-A-Thon took place earlier in the month," Goble said. "I promised and committed to all these students at Margaret that if they reached a certain goal in reading, I would kiss a cow."

Goble said the students met their overall reading goal for the Read-A-Thon by reading a determined number of books.

"Along with that, they took pledges from family members and community members and raised over $2,000 the day of the Read-A-Thon," Goble said. "The money will be used to purchase more library books."