With high schools all across the county, state and nation preparing for prom, local emergency responders have one very important message for teenagers: Don’t drink and drive.

Juniors and seniors at St. Clair County High School in Odenville recently witnessed firsthand the potential effects of drinking and driving.

First responders set up a mock car accident between the high school and softball field. The Odenville Fire Department, and several other county agencies, helped to stage the scenario.

Those other agencies included LifeSaver, Regional Paramedical Services, St. Clair County Coroner and the St. Clair County Sheriff’s Department. 

Odenville Fire Chief Carter Franklin said if this program helps one student to make better decisions on prom night, it is worth all their time and effort.

"If we can just prevent an injury, not necessarily a death, then it is definitely worth it all," Franklin said. "This is the second year I have been part of the mock car accident. We do it every other year and all juniors and seniors are invited every time we do it. That way, at some point, every student gets to see the program before they graduate."

SCCHS principal Brian Terry said he was appreciative to the fire department and the work they have done to make this a reality.

"Anytime you can potentially save a kid’s life or save a kid from serious injury, you want to do whatever you can to do that," Terry said. "Hopefully, the program will make an impact on the lives of these kids and make them think before they do foolish things.

"This is what this is about, and what it is for. We are hoping it will be successful."