History in St. Clair County is alive and well. Just ask fourth grade students in various schools around the county.

Last week, the St. Clair Historical Society sponsored its annual 4th Grade History Fair. It was the 26th consecutive year the historical society has sponsored the event.

The first place winner was Rayne Ford from Steele Jr. High School. Her project was on The Rock, which is located in the middle of Ashville. She won $25.

Ford said the Rock was placed in front of Moses Dean’s general merchandise store.

"I learned that it was first used for women to climb up on their horses," Ford said. "The Rock was put there in the early 1850s, and is 26 inches by 26 inches by 42 inches. Most people don’t know about it, but it is different and unique. It feels great to be the county winner."

The second place winner was Macey Messick from Margaret Elementary School. Her project was on the first St. Clair County school bus. She won $15.

The third place winner was Austin Drake from Eden Elementary School. His project was on Easonville, the town under water now. He won $10. Drake’s grandmother knew people who once lived in Easonville.

Paul Coupland is president of the St. Clair Historical Society. He said he appreciates the effort the parents put into this, along with their parents.

"There is so much history in St. Clair County," Coupland said. "The goal for the Historical Society is to show these students there is a lot of history out there. I learn something new or different every year as I look and study all these projects these fourth grade students do.

Ann Coupland said she hoped the students and their parents have learned a little bit more about St. Clair County and Alabama.

Honorable mention ribbons were presented to Kirsten Williams from Moody Middle School, Kristina Peoples from Ashville Elementary School, Victoria Vetra from Coosa Valley Elementary School, Nathan Davis from Ragland Elementary School, Connor Wilson from Odenville Intermediate School, Anna Hodgens from Iola Roberts Elementary School and Alyssa McDaniel from Springville Elementary School.