Seddon Baptist Church

Seddon Baptist Church will hold a Fallapalooza on Saturday, Oct. 27, in lieu of Halloween trick-or-treating.

PELL CITY -- The Seddon Baptist Church Fallapalooza is only one week away.

“It’s a family event,” said Norma Jean James one of the organizers.

The event is slated for 11 a.m.-3 p.m. Saturday, Oct. 27.

“It’s going to be for all the kids,” James said. “It always worries me about kids going out trick-or-treating. This will be so much safer.”

James said the Fallapalooza will have hay rides, a cake walk, face painting and a bouncy house.

There will be free popcorn and refreshments, but guests can also purchase food from vendors at the four-hour event.

“It’s just going to be a fun time,” she said.

The event will help keep kids off the streets and into a safe environment for Halloween on church property, James said.

“There will be plenty of candy,” she said. “They will have plenty of candy to take home with them.”

Everyone is invited to attend.

Seddon Baptist Church is at 4205 Cogswell Ave., Pell City, where the former 48 Lumber store once operated.

Seddon bought and renovated the store, and opened the church in 2014, moving from its former location on Hardwick Road, because it had outgrown the church. The new church on U.S. 78, or Cogswell, has 11 acres of land for growth.