Casual readers come to 1 Corinthians 13 and hear comforting words concerning “love.” Hallmark cards import these words for every happy occasion: mother’s day, birthdays, anniversaries, etc. They are some of the most beautiful words in human language.

In February 2019, Jon Glass accepted the call to pastor Cropwell Baptist, a church that has ministered to the Coosa Valley area since 1888. Jon and Matthea are parents of six children; a son was still-born – a grief he shared with me over lunch one day. Glass commented that his and Matthea’s…

Someone took me to task for what I thought was a harmless quip. In a tongue-in-cheek article about how we Baptists “steal” pastors from one another, I remarked that, though it’s a flawed system, God seems to help us through it most of the time.

“Can a Christian drink alcohol? Can a Christian attend a gay wedding? Can a Christian celebrate Halloween? Can single Christians of the opposite sex share a room on a road trip? Should a Christian use birth control? Can I attend a funeral of another religion or celebrate Christmas eve mass at a Catholic church?”