To the Editor :

Does anyone in the modern-day media understand that it is your job - your duty - to accurately report the news? It is the public’s job to understand what has been said and come to their own conclusions as to what has been done without the media`s hype, spin or shielding of certain people or advocating a certain point of view of a story.

It is very, very hypocritical of the U.S. media to claim that it believes in freedom and democracy worldwide, yet at home it takes sides between liberal and conservative views. Your only view should be that you have given the facts clearly and precisely, and that those involved have played their political part within the framework of the U.S. Constitution, as these are where our laws and sense of fair play comes from.

We have a president who has usurped the powers of this document in his quest for power more than all the presidents before him combined. In fact, were the rest of our politicians not up to their eyeballs in doing the same thing, they would have held him accountable long ago. I expect this sort of lawlessness from most politicians - I don`t like it or agree with it - but there was a time we could have expected our own media to hold such politicians accountable to the American people instead of shilling for them based on their own personal political preferences.

Where have honest journalists gone?

 - Billy E. Price, Ashville