I am so blessed today from reading some of the good news of good things happening in and around our St. Clair Community.

1. I see where our very efficient County Commission has provided our needy citizens with some new buses. Thank you fellows.

2. Kudos to my friend Pedro Pino for his work with our young people in his "Country Knights Chess Club." This is a great way to help young people to learn how to deal with competition without physical pain. Mr. Pino and his "Knights" have been honored by the St. Clair County Commission with a resolution proclaiming Oct. 12 as National Chess Day in St. Clair County. Thank  you, Mr. Pino. And thank you Commissioners.

3. Kudos and appreciation to Cub Scout Pack 121 for the work you have done, and for the caring you have shown in cleaning the park in Odenville. Though I am not a resident of Odenville, I visit there quite often. And being the nit-picking person that I am, I tend to notice every little thing that is out of place; especially litter. I plead with the citizens of Odenville as well as your visitors: they have cleaned it up, so let’s keep it that way.

4. Kudos and appreciation to the Margaret Elementary School Lunchroom Staff. You are doing a great work that will surely be appreciated by parents now, and by the students later on in life. Our children’s parents will hopefully pick up on what you are doing, and lend a hand to see that the children receive the same nutritious meals at home when possible. It will surely bring great rewards in the future of the child’s life.

5. Congratulations to County License Inspector Ronnie Armstrong on being awarded Alabama Revenue Officer of the Year. And being recognized as such by the County Commission. Thank you for your service to the county, sir.

6. I don’t want to overlook our hard working County Commission and staff. A big thank you all for your service to the County Community.

R.T. McMunn, Margaret