It is no stretch to say that starting a small business anywhere requires both skills, foresight and courage. The St. Clair County Economic Development Council, it seems, understands this as well.

During his speech last week at the Springville Area Chamber of Commerce meeting, EDC Director Don Smith outlined a number of different ideas his organization has put forth to help small businesses in the area. Those ideas are not terribly complex, but things as simple as providing a packet to local chambers and municipal offices for prospective small business owners, or surveying existing businesses, to determine both their growth potential and their business needs.

The EDC has a proven track record of luring large industries to St. Clair County, and has repeatedly proven itself time and again for local governments. By putting some of that acumen to work for small businesses, the EDC is providing yet another way to have a positive impact on the county.

It is a welcome sight. And for local small business owners or those thinking about starting, there appears to be no better time.