Probably every citizen is upset about the events in Washington – holding an entire nation hostage, causing misery to millions because our elected officials (in long gone days referred to as "the honorable") refused to agree on the well-being of U.S. citizens. They have made the nation a laughingstock around the world.

But is it not our own fault? After all, the majority of us elected this irresponsible Congress.

Instead of fact-finding tours in tourist destinations, these officials should study how other nations handle health problems. In 1980, I had an assignment in Tanzania (East Africa); at one time I needed medical attention in the local hospital, and when I left the receptionist said, "Here in our country all medical treatments and medicines are free."

Instead of wasting billions to countries like Pakistan – where everyone seems to hate Americans – let’s take care of our own people first.

- I.F. Harder, Ashville