To the Editor :

A decade after U.S. forces entered Iraq to dethrone Saddam and bring democracy, sectarian violence continues among various Muslim groups for control of Iraq. The same holds true for Afghanistan.

Yet, Obama wants to attack Syria and escalate another mess in the Middle East? How is he going to successfully do this with a military he has diminished to the point it would be a struggle to fight a one front war?

He would have to restart the military draft to get enough bodies in uniform to take on such an adventure when it escalates. Is he willing to pull all the military weapons he has pulled off line  the ones he didn`t have destroyed  out of mothballs and put them back into service? Where will that money come from, China (which is against a U.S. attack on Syria)?

With his record on issues like Benghazi, heath care, gun control and immigration, he is not capable of leading this country into another war. He does not even know what he does or does not want to do in Syria  how is anyone supposed to follow such indecisiveness when it will only lead to further disaster because he can`t make up his mind from one minute to the next?

If he wants to get involved in Syria, I have a plan for it. Take all the Vietnam draft-dodgers, war protesters and radicals from the 1960s that now make up his administration, put a weapon in their hands, dump them in Syria and let them make amends to this country (and the veterans of Vietnam whom they willingly sold out back then).

Since they clearly cannot effectively run our government perhaps they can finally fire a few bullets in defense of it (five decades too late). The majority of Americans didn’t want any part of your insanity in the 1960s and we certainly don’t want any part of peaceniks pretending to be hawks today. You are not capable of pulling this off but, you will get a lot of Americans killed. Not that you care.

Billy E. Price, Ashville