It was a party for the ages on Sunday night in downtown Leeds.

Sandy Nicholson, from the Leeds Arts Council, said that every seat in the 88-seat Theater and Arts Center on U.S. 78 was filled, as locals gathered to cheer on Chandler Champion, the Leeds native who was competing in Atlantic City for Miss Alabama.

"It was just so exciting," Nicholson said. "Only 53 girls in the whole United States get to compete (for Miss America), and we’ve all been with her for the past seven years while she (Champion) chased that dream."

Indeed, Sunday night was a proud moment both for Leeds and the state of Alabama – Champion, who won the title of Miss Alabama during the summer, took the stage in Atlantic City to the adoration of many across the area. Though she did not bring home the top prize – that went to Miss New York – the evening at the LAC was a success.

"Our excitement didn’t end (when Champion) was eliminated," Nicholson said. "We know when she comes home, she will still be our Miss Alabama."