As subscribers of the Daily Home residing in Pell City, we do not receive a copy of St. Clair Times and normally never see one. However, due to APSCI’s ad in this week’s edition, we stopped by the Pell City office and picked up a copy. 

I was almost sorry that I chose to do that because I was shocked when I read the statement in the Times’ Opinion column about ASPCI’s "obstinate refusal to allow public audits or hold open meetings," etc.

I understand the Times is a product of The Daily Home and am therefore wondering if the person who wrote the Times opinion column did not read or know about Elsie Hodnett’s June 13 Daily Home article entitled "Audit of ASPCI could come soon." 

The article regarding an ASPCI audit quoted the organization’s president as saying ASPCI embraced the concept, and that the only objection they ever had was where to get the funding. 

I realize an "opinion" column is just that – an opinion – and everyone is entitled to their own opinion. However, I would hope a newspaper would want to have some explainable reason for publishing an opinion that I feel could reflect negatively on an organization’s financial integrity. 

As has been published in various articles, ASPCI has agreed to hold quarterly meetings so people can form their own opinions about that. However, it appears to me that the above mentioned audit became a non-issue until the Times chose to bring it up again.


- Arline Lynch, Pell City