Across St. Clair County, children and adults alike will anxiously watch the weather as Saturday approaches.

Now that football season has officially passed and the holidays are in full swing, communities around the county will hold their Christmas parades this weekend. Odenville and Ashville have already held their events – last Saturday and Tuesday, respectively – and, in order, Pell City, Leeds, Argo, Trussville, Moody and Springville will hold theirs over the weekend, assuming the weather cooperates.

Parades are a grand time for their respective communities. They provide a night to showcase the best parts of the city or town, and ring in the holidays with candy, creativity and yes, Santa Claus.

So, as with many holiday traditions, we all look forward to another weekend full of Christmas spirit as it parades down Main Street. We can only hope it doesn’t rain on our parades.