Curtis Lee is a member of Bethel Baptist Church. One of his greatest passions is Gospel singing.

Lee, 87, said some of the best Gospel singing you ever want to hear comes from Church of the Valley, located off U.S. 411, between Odenville and Moody.

An all-day singing was held Saturday; it started at 10 a.m., and lasted until 3 p.m.

Guest singers were the Freeman Trio and the Southern Heritage Trio.

“The Lord has blessed us down here,” Lee said. “They have regular services here on Sunday morning, Sunday night and Wednesday night.”

But from January to June of each year, on the first Saturday night of the month, there is good Gospel music coming from Church of the Valley, and Lee is right there. And then there is the all-day convention singing they have every July.

“I go to a lot of singings at other places,” Lee said. “That’s what it takes to get people to come to our singings.”

Three months ago, Lee said they had a female singer come all the way from New York. They have also had singers come in from North Carolina and Louisiana.

“They come from far and near because they are starving to death to hear good Gospel singing,” Lee said. “To my knowledge, this is the only place in the county that has the ‘Little Book Singing’”.

When asked what it meant to him to have this good Gospel singing, Lee was overcome with emotion.

“It’s wonderful,” he said through the tears. “The Lord has blessed me. I went to singings as a little boy, and was saved at a singing.”

As far as his favorite hymn, Lee said he loved them all.

Lee said he had six sisters and three brothers, and he is the only one still living.

“After my oldest brother died, I testified here at the church,” Lee said. “There was a guy in the congregation writing music, and he put my words to song and dedicated the song to me. He told me that it was exactly how I said it when I testified. It’s a beautiful song.”

Lee said he doesn’t sing as much now as he is getting older and his voice is fading.

“I don’t hear well either,” Lee said. “But years ago, I sang with the Ideal Quartet.”