A growing church in Pell City has found a new home.
“We actual purchased the building the last week of November,” said Dale Foote, pastor of Seddon Baptist Church.
The church recently purchased the former 84 Lumber building on U.S. 78, and Foote hopes the church can move into the facility before the end of the year.
“We’re so excited,” Foote said. 
Seddon Baptist Church is currently on Hardwick Road, but for the past three years, the church has been flat full. 
“We’re just completely out of room,” Foote said. 
The pastor has seen his church grow dramatically. 
“When I started in April 1995, we had seven to nine people who attended,” said Foote, who will celebrate his 18th year as the pastor of the church in April. 
Today the church has about 300 active members. 
The church grew so much Seddon was forced to go to a two service Sunday. One service is held at 8:30 a.m. and the other is at 11 a.m. 
“It’s a good problem to have,” Foote said, adding that the church officially has more than 500 members.
He said the congregation was forced to go off campus to hold any big event, like the church’s annual Thanksgiving dinner. 
Foote said the church chose a facility and property for future growth. 
“We do want room to grow,” he said. “We wanted to maximize our potential to grow the Kingdom of God.” 
The new Seddon Baptist Church is not far from the current church, but the new church will have more visibility since it is on a major highway. 
“I think the location is going to be tremendous for us,” Foote said. 
The new facility has 20,000 square feet of space. There is another building behind the main building that is 6,000 square feet. The buildings sit on more than 10 acres of land. 
“We will be able to expand like a walking track, soccer fields, and recreation areas for people in our church and even in the community to enjoy,” Foote said. 
The main facility will house the main sanctuary, and provide administration space and the church’s education ministry, as well as other church ministries. A second floor is planned for the inside of the main facility.
“Our goal is to start construction this year,” Foote said. 
He said the facility behind the larger building could house a new gym and serve as the church’s activity center. 
He said the church plans to complete renovation of the facilities in three phases, and the total cost for the new church and property could exceed $3 million.
“It’s an exciting time,” Foote said. 
He said once construction work to the main facility begins, the church could move into the new facility in eight to10 months. 
He said the church would sale the property where the current church sits.
“We haven’t even put it on the market yet,” Foote said.
He said many of Seddon Baptist Church’s membership are young families.
“Since 2008, our church as really grown,” Foote said.