What if you could go to a yard sale where everything you wanted to purchase was free?
That’s what happened Saturday at Calvary Baptist Church in Odenville. As those coming up looking for a good deal, the deal became even sweeter when the buyers were told the items they wanted were free.
“This is just like salvation,” Pastor Chuck Lackey said. “Salvation is a free gift from God. 
“We got this idea from a church in Birmingham. I just want to do this as an outreach in our community. The New Testament church in Acts sold all they had to give to those in need. We’re just trying to do that in today’s society.”
Lackey said this was an awesome chance to reach out into the community.
“Just to share God’s love to people who are in need or hurting,” Lackey said. “There are so many people who are struggling financially right now. We hope to meet their needs, whatever they might be whether it be physically or spiritually.”
Lackey said this is the first time they have attempted to do this, and he hopes to do it at least twice a year from now on.