One of the most “manly” statements in all of Scripture was uttered by Joshua, an Old Testament Bible character, just prior to his departure from this earth. The twelve words that make up that statement are “But as for me and my house, we will serve the Lord” (Josh. 24:15b). Oh, that more men would utter these words today as they rise up from the morass of this world and stake claim to their responsibility to be spiritual leaders in their homes!
A read through the book of Joshua in your Bible will show that the forge Joshua’s statement was wrought in was one of genuine spiritual leadership. Even going back farther, we see the tempering of Joshua’s manly character as he served under Moses. He demonstrated and epitomized manhood, in that he was faithful, courageous, strong and spiritual. 
His faith was tried, tested and true, not to mention inspiring. Men, is our faith inspiring our families, as well as those around us, in their service for God? 
Joshua led Israel into the land of promise by example, not edicts. Men, is our example worthy of being followed by our families, as well as those around us?
Joshua’s strength was not in the power of his arms, the size of his wallet or his conquest in this world. His strength was in His trust in the Lord. Men, is our trust in the Lord strong enough to move our family to a spiritual walk with God? How about those around us?
We could cite example after example of Joshua’s faith, courage, strength and spirituality. The Hebrew writer cites the faithful exploits of Joshua by simply saying, “By faith the walls of Jericho fell down after they were encircled seven days” (Heb. 11:30). 
We live in a culture where the family — as the Bible describes it — is eroding and crumbling. One of the primary sources of this decay is a failure of men to lead their homes as God has commanded them to. 
Therefore, it is essential that men rise up and be real men. It is critical that men take responsibility for their home’s spiritual character. It is vital that men cease their selfish pursuits that draw them away from their families, their complacent approach to leadership, which leaves the burden of leadership to others when God has in fact given it to them, and their negligent attitude when it comes to their own lives. 
Men, I dare you to stand like Joshua.
Jonathan Perz serves as pastor for the Church of Christ in Moody. Contact him at or