St. Simon Peter Episcopal Church in Pell City is getting a face-lift.
“’Restore the Legacy,’ is our campaign slogan,” said Wayne Wilcox, a member of the church who volunteers his time overseeing improvements to the buildings and grounds. “Our founding fathers gave us this nice church and building. We are trying to restore it through our building campaign.”
He said members and non-members of the church have joined hands to help complete about $110,000 in refurbishing work to the structure, landscaping and resealing the parking lot. 
Wilcox said about half the cost is for new siding, painting and the replacement of windows.
He said the original church building was occupied in January 1980, and Parrish Hall was built five years latter, joining the main church building. 
He said the church only has a portion of the funds to complete the entire project.
“We’re cautiously hoping we’ll get some more funds to complete the landscaping,” Wilcox said.
He said church members also plan to refurbish the wood floors when funds become available.  
He said the church has raised enough money to complete work on the outside of the structure, including the installation of new windows.
Work to the outside of the church is well under way.
“We have received the windows and plan to install the windows this week,” Wilcox said. “About 40 percent of the siding work is completed.”
He said workers are replacing rotten cedar siding with new boards. The entire back wall of the church is being replaced with new siding.
“It had more exposure to the sun,” he said. 
Wilcox said workers are caulking the cracks between the boards as they proceed with the work. 
“The color (of the church) is going to remain the same, or as close as possible to the same color,” he said. 
Wilcox said the older windows are being replaced with one-inch double installation glass surrounded by a metal frame. 
He said the new windows will provide better installation for the church, and the metal window frames will help prevent rotting around the windows. 
“Of course, we’re going to paint the entire church after the new windows are installed,” he said. 
Wilcox said he hopes most of the project is completed by the first of next year, and the church should get a new coat of fresh paint by next month. 
“We hope the painting is in full swing by the first of October,” he said. 
Wilcox said Joey Hutto is the contractor for the window replacement, installation of siding and painting of the church.