Email has been the subject of many articles, and with good reason. It has been an important communication medium for more than 20 years. Still, many people do not use it well. 

Springville Fire and Rescue Chief Richard Harvey, Lt. Newman "Skip" Davis, Dakota Putnam, Richard Meadows and Matthew Brown along with Moody Fire and Rescue were awarded the St. Clair County Emergency Medical Services Personnel of the Year award from the Birmingham Regional Emergency Medical…

“I dropped by to remind you about the voicemail I left three days ago reminding you about the message I left with the receptionist last week to remind you about the email I sent 10 days ago to remind you of the other five emails over the last two weeks from which I have heard no response.”

Teresa Carden, who is organizing the event, said Thursday that because the possibility of rain this evening the music portion of the “Evening of Amore” fundraiser has been postponed until March 19.

The Springville City Council has recently begun implementing a designated safety drop-off zone. The area is meant to provide local citizens with a safe space for child custody, private property and E-commerce transactions.

The St Clair County Veterans Outreach Program is a partnership. We work as a team to identify information and assistance available, then inform our veteran community about these benefits in the area of education benefits, employment, wellness, family and legal support. 

The to-do list is the friend of the organized person. It may be paper or it may be digital. Regardless, this tool serves as a magical steel trap for the plans we make and outpaces the strongest memory. Whatever goes on the list stays there until it gets crossed off.

The Moody Area Chamber of Commerce recently named Revocation Radio as its 2021 Business of the Year. They also took home the Non-profit of the Year award presented by the Leeds Area Chamber of Commerce.

Like many of you, the team at Scale Back Alabama is learning to adapt this year. They have decided that this year is the perfect time to implement some new and exciting changes for Scale Back Alabama 2021.

The city of Moody recognized 8-year-old Ethan Walker on Jan. 25 for his heroic actions in saving his 6-year-old sister, Audrey Walker, from the back seat of their mother’s car as it was being stolen at gunpoint.