PELL CITY -- Mayor Bill Pruitt said when he and law partner Randall Richardson started the Fall Frenzy, it was just supposed to be a community event to help raise money for various groups within the Pell City school system.

The season came to a close for the Springville Lady Tigers recently as they lost the final two games of the season to Mortimer Jordan and Talladega in the area tournament and sub-regionals. The Lady Tigers finished the season with an overall record of 16-14.

Selma paid for the right to march with blood in 1965. We will not pay to march in 2017.

SPRINGVILLE – Kim Walker had an older sister named Kristy Tucker. Kim’s children, Brooke and Will, called her Aunt Kiki.

Samantha Kate Cotton is a sixth-grade student at Ragland Elementary. She is the 11-year-old daughter of Ben Cotton. She has always attended Ragland School.

I was the new pastor at the church, and a deacon took me to meet a senior saint. She greeted us at the door and said, "I've been wanting to meet the new preacher, and my, you're just a boy!"