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St. Clair Extension offers special lunch, gardening program

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Bethany O’Rear

Regional Extension Agent Bethany O’Rear

If you’ve ever walked past a majestic oak and spotted a miniature door and window at the base you have lucked upon a fairy garden. These plantings typically combine small scale flowers and herbs with fanciful furnishings to illustrate the daily lives of elves. Some gardens combine white alyssum, polished pearl rock and moss for a natural woodland sylph. 

Flower elves nestle their wee tools like hoes and flower pots in the cutting garden. Broonies are tiny troublemakers, dating back to the 16th century, wreaking havoc in farmyards and vegetable beds by knocking over little wheelbarrows and dairy cans. 

More recent garden designs include beach-themed fairy gardens which feature white sand, luminescent stones and vibrant green low grasses. Fairy gardens are magical so any combination of small plant material and creative accessories will be a success.  Just choose your fairy garden type and let your imagination run wild.

St. Clair County Master Gardener, Bonnie Voss, will conduct a program on the Magic of Fairy Gardens on Tuesday, April 20 at Springville United Methodist Church, located at 6471 U.S. Highway 11 in Springville. Admission cost is free. In order for us to adequately prepare, please call the St. Clair County Extension Office to register at (205) 338-9416. 

Be sure to bring your lunch and a friend. Soft drinks will be provided. You will learn how to create the magic and whimsy of your very own fairy garden. Many of the same garden principles apply, just on a fairy tale scale.

Please practice social distancing during attendance. Plans are being made to record the program which will be made available on our St. Clair County, Alabama Extension Office Facebook page.

For more information about this program or other horticulture related topics, please contact Bethany O’Rear, Regional Extension Agent, at 205-612-9524 or email