St. Clair County school system

The St. Clair County school system hired new teachers for the upcoming academic year.

With the 2018-19 academic year a couple of weeks away from starting, the St. Clair County school system has been busy getting teachers in place.

Listed below are the teachers who have been hired by the system.

Ashville Middle School

Madison Armstrong West, special education small group setting.

Ashville High School

David Geofrey Sibert, computer; Jeffrey Tyler Cole, in-school suspension; David A. Beegle, science; Nicholas Kyle Wilson, social studies; James Allen Browning and Jeremy Mark Tice, special education; and Heather Harris Cagle, social studies.

Margaret Elementary School

Tonya Patterson Gargis, fourth grade; Brittany Black Gadilhe, speech/language pathologist; Kelley Bragan Long, kindergarten; and Brandy Lynn Hyatt, third grade.

Moody Elementary School

Gina Holladay Mize, first grade; Julia Merritt Burton, kindergarten; and Katie Elizabeth Odell, special education.

Moody Jr. High School

Lindsey Dunlap Frost, math.

Moody High School

Kathryn Renee Wagner, bookkeeper; Matthew Blake Lipscomb, math; Andrew Ryan Isbell, special education aide; Joseph Gregory Jefcoat, health; Ashley Jones Brooks, special education; and Joshua Thomas Cheek, history. Rehired Candace Bowlin Stewart, special education.

Odenville Elementary School

Stephanie Noah Roe, kindergarten; Jessica Lyn Stone, physical education; and Julienne Needham Braden, preschool aide.

Odenville Middle School

Halie Rene Vaughn, art enrichment; Kelsey Anne Parrish, math; Joshua Heath Landers, social studies; Tracey Michelle Rybka, Meghan Nicole Duren and Bradley D. Hall, special education.

Ragland High School

Kylie Cheyenne Mikel, career tech consumer science; Jesse Colton Morris, social studies; and Kathryn Deanne Hamer, special education aide. Rehired Deanna Jean Marbury, counselor.

Springville Elementary School

Brittany Michelle Woodard, second grade; and Misty Marie Stuman, special education aide.

Springville High School

Michael C. Muncher, band director; David Shane Umphrey, science; and Jennifer Mitchell Kline, science.

St. Clair County High School

Christopher Joseph Walker, band director; Maggie Laine Meacham, science; and Lori Ann Miller, Spanish.

Steele Jr. High School

Maria Troncale Cox, LPN; and Courtney Teneal Ryder, preschool aide.

There were also various systemwide bus drivers, custodians and CNP workers hired, and a number of positions filled for Extended Day.

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