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St. Clair County High students make quilt in honor of Farm-City Week

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Students from St. Clair County High School show off their quilt made in honor of Farm-City Week.

ODENVILLE — During St. Clair’s Farm-City Week, St. Clair County art students created individual quilt squares and worked together to create a barn quilt for the school by participating in the Farm-City Barn Quilt Project. 

Farm-City is a statewide program that encourages understanding the connection between rural and urban life. After studying different types of quilts and the meanings of some of the patterns, students created individual squares that were put together to make a quilt. The barn quilt was created to represent SCCHS. 

Barn quilts can be found not only on barns, but on fences and homes. They can represent the family or an individual. SCCHS students were visited by the St. Clair County Barn Quilt Project Co-Chair Beth Evans-Smith and award-winning quilt maker Melanie Harville. 

"Just as barn quilts can connect members of communities, the SCCHS barn quilt was a true collaboration of faculty and students,” SCCHS Visual Arts teacher Mary Morrow said. “VoAg teacher Philip Carter cut and donated the four-feet square and Librarian Casey Burnham provided the library as the perfect space for students to attend the guest lecture. Students from several different classes worked together to paint the SCCHS barn quilt.” 

Morrow added that she was glad that Evans-Smith reached out and invited the school to participate.

“I learned so much about the impressive creativity, technique, and artistry that is required to make quilts. The history and symbolism were also fascinating aspects of quilts in our culture. We would also like to thank the St. Clair County Farmers Federation for their donation to our art department. It will go a long way to purchase much needed art supplies."