St. Clair County Commission approves county flag

St. Clair County Flag

St. Clair County is the seventh county in the state to have its own county flag.

ASHVILLE – The St. Clair County Commission approved the St. Clair County Flag on Tuesday during its regular meeting.

The flag was designed and recommended by the St. Clair County Flag Committee, which consists of Chairman Robert Debter, Rena Brown, Kathy Burttram, Andy Eden and Liz Sorrell. Sandra JS Coleman is the graphic designer.

At Tuesday’s meeting, Debter shared with the commission and those in attendance that the state of Alabama is turning 200 years old this year.

“As a way of celebrating our county’s rich heritage, some of us thought about a county flag,” Debter said. “Our first question was, ‘Does any other county have one? If Baldwin County and Mobile County can have one, we can, too.’”

Debter said the Flag Committee approached the County Commission, and its members were very gracious.

“We are very fortunate to have this County Commission,” Debter said. “They are very historical-minded and do a very good job for our county. We have a great county and a great history. I believe this is a great flag to fly over our county as we continue to have a great future.”

Debter noted St. Clair County is the seventh county in the state to have its own flag, joining Baldwin, Cherokee, Cleburne, Macon, Mobile and Washington counties.

“We are the only county flag of the seven that does not have its seal as its center,” Debter said. “Our two county seats are highlighted within the flag, and the 10 surrounding stars represent the other 10 municipalities. It incorporates our national colors of red, white and blue.”

Debter said St. Clair is the fourth county older than the state to now have a flag.

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