St. Clair County Commission receives census update

The St. Clair County Commission is pictured with some of the local 2020 census workers.


ST. CLAIR COUNTY -- The St. Clair County Commission heard an update concerning the 2020 U.S. Census recently during its regular meeting.

As 2020 approaches, much work has already gone into making sure everyone is counted. 

Local census clerk Deborah Howard said Perry Macon is the specialist when it comes to creating a Complete Count Committee.

“Unfortunately, we found out at our last meeting that Mr. Macon will be leaving us and heading up a faith-based Complete Count Committee,” Howard said. “Today, we wanted to present him with all of the resolutions where St. Clair County and all 12 municipalities have agreed to work together with the census to get out the information and make sure every resident in St. Clair County is counted, regardless of age.”

Howard also presented Macon with a certificate of appreciation for being an outstanding professional during this census process.

“His support and guidance in setting up the St. Clair County Complete Count Committee was awesome,” Howard said. “We could not have done it without him.”

Howard said census workers started validating addresses in September, and in October, they will go door-to-door counting each person living in each house.

County Commission Chairman Paul Manning said it is important for the future progress of St. Clair for everyone living here to be counted.

“The census comes once every 10 years,” Manning said. “There are times that some cities feel like they are not being represented like they need to be. We would like for every municipality and every citizen to participate in this. The information the census gets will provide for future endeavors in this county.”

In other business, the commission;

  • Approved the request for a retail beer and retail table wine license (off-premises only for both) for Ruru’s Country Store at 3540 Wolf Creek Road in Pell City;

  • Approved a resolution proclaiming September 2019 as Gynecologic Cancer Awareness Month;

  • Approved a request from St. Clair County Circuit Judge Phil Seay for a salary increase of $50 per month ($250 to $300) for the law library custodian due to increased duties;

  • Approved a request from St. Clair County Sheriff Billy J. Murray to apply for a Justice Assistance Grant (JAG) and accept it if awarded. The grant is not a matching grant, and it will pay 100 percent;

  • Approved a request from Murray to purchase and install a fence for the impound lot at the county shop for $5,560. This will require a General Fund budget amendment;

  • Approved the FY20 grant agreement with the Alabama Department of Youth Services in the amount of $305,760 for the Day Program;

  • Approved the renewal of County Engineer Dan Dahlke’s five-year contract;

  • Approved Dahlke’s request to post a Road Worker I position;

  • Agreed to have a public hearing Oct. 27, regarding vacating Blue Springs Mountain Road; 

  • Tabled a request for retail beer and retail table wine license (off-premises only for both) for The Springs Country Store at 98 Roads Road in Springville; and

  • Approved the payment of regular bills.

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