St. Clair County Commission 2018

The St. Clair County Commission is shown during a 2018 meeting. 

ASHVILLE – Several years ago, the St. Clair County Commission made a decision concerning animal control countywide.

The county and Pell City agreed take control of the Pell City Animal Control Center, which had been previously run by a private entity.

County attorney James Hill III said the state requires the county maintain animal control services.

“That includes all of the unincorporated parts of the county, as well as cities under a certain (population) threshold,” Hill said. “Most of our cities fall under that threshold.

“We made a decision to partner with Pell City to bring this back into an in-house service. That service, as best as I can tell, has been running very well.

“It has certainly cost us money. It cost the city money, but as a service, it is very important to the citizens of our county, and it is a service we provide very well.”

Hill said the contract requires that the County Commission budget a certain amount of money and that it pay a certain amount of money at the end of the year, which is where the commission members are right now.

“The Animal Control Department runs at a deficit,” Hill said. “Pursuant to the contract, they have asked us for $11,095. We hate to spend money, but this is a quality service we provide for these citizens that the law requires us to provide.”

The commission unanimously approved the payment to the animal shelter.

Commissioner Tommy Bowers said since the city and county made the swap a couple of years ago, he has had no complaints.

Commission Chairman Paul Manning said those operating the center for the city and county have done a great job.

St. Clair Economic Development Council Executive Director Don Smith was at the meeting and said he and his family used that service Monday to get a pet for his daughter.

“We went to surrounding areas looking at animals, and the Pell City Animal Control Center was by far the best one we went to,” Smith said. “They have a nice staff and a clean facility.”

Hill said the county has an animal control officer stationed in Ashville.

“The building itself is housed in Pell City,” Hill said. “It is a multi-governmental cooperative type program that the county, Pell City and multiple municipalities in the county are involved in. Lincoln is also involved. It really is a group collaborative effort to provide that service. They do a nice job.”

In another matter, the commission approved a resolution that will OK an application for Better Utilizing Investments to Leverage Development (BUILD) grant funds for the Trails End and Dragline Road railroad crossings.

A portion of the resolution states that “the grant funds are to perform eligible road, rail, transit and port projects that will benefit the residents of St. Clair County.”

Manning has been given authorization to implement a road extension project, which will alleviate backups at the Trails End and Dragline Road crossings.

The resolution states the County Commission will provide a local cash match in support of this project in the amount of $240,000, of which $50,000 will be provided by Norfolk Southern Railroad, $50,000 will provided by the city of Moody and $140,000 by the St. Clair County Commission.

In other business, the commission;

  • Approved a request from Sheriff Terry Surles to let bids for a storage facilityto be paid from the Pistol Permit Fund;

  • Approved the renewal of an agreement with Birmingham ATM Cash LLC to provide ATM services at the Administrative Building in Ashville and at the St. Clair County Courthouse in Pell City.;

  • Approved a monthly annual software maintenance agreement with Delta for the St. Clair County Revenue Office in the amount of $2,831.67 monthly. Annual cost will be $33,980.04;

  • Approved a request from Public Transportation Director Janet Smith to purchase a new minivan with the insurance proceeds of $38,412 to replace a vehicle that was declared a total loss due to a recent traffic accident. The remainder will be divided 80/20 between the state and the county;

  • Approved a request of Probate Office employee Myrtha Roe for approval of Declaration of Emergency Sick Leave;

  • Reappointed Manning to the Coosa Valley Resource Conservation & Development Board;

  • Reappointed Sandi Maroney to the St. Clair Library Board;

  • Approved various travel requests; and

  • Approved the payment of regular bills.

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