St. Clair County School System

The St. Clair BOE is working hard to get its staff in place for the upcoming school year.

ASHVILLE – The St. Clair County School System continues to put employees in place as the new school year is only a few weeks from starting.

At a special called Board of Education meeting Monday, 13 employees were hired among other personnel actions.

New hires: Paul Hawk, Ashville High, social studies teacher; Kiesha Lynn Brooks, Ashville Middle, custodian; Melanie Denise Haynes, Eden Career Technical Center, business education; Kevin L. Self, ECTC, HVAC; Pam Darlene Tombrello, Margaret Elementary, CNP; Fredrick Demetrius Scott, Moody High, assistant principal; Daniel C. Davidson, Moody High, math teacher; April R. Nesmith, Moody High, special education teacher; Garrett Edward Dempsey, Moody Middle, special education aide; Michael Cory Williams, Ragland High, fourth-grade teacher; Kenneth L. Brown, Ragland High, special education teacher; Teresa H. Ratcliffe, Springville High, CNP; and Dana Allison Davis, Springville Middle, computer teacher.

Resignations: Donya Carroll Casey, Ashville Elementary, part-time custodian; Elizabeth Joan Cogins, BOE, special education; Courtney Danielle Crews, Margaret Elementary, special education small group setting teacher; Julie Camp Rodgers, Odenville Middle English teacher; and Jesse Colton Morris, Ragland High, social studies teacher.

Voluntary transfers: Meghan Nicole Duren, from special education teacher at Odenville Middle to special education teacher at Ashville High; Sawyer Thomas Merritt, from social studies teacher at Odenville Middle to social studies teacher at Ragland High; and Corey Allen Young, from bus driver transport Moody Jr. High to bus driver transport SCCHS.

Change of contract: Mitchell F. Miller, from logistics/project manager in technology to systems analyst in technology.

Voluntary reassignment: Clinton C. Conner, from career tech business education at ECTC to career tech co-op at ECTC.

Supplement: Melinda A. Splawn, staff services, superintendent designee.

Summer programs: Caryle N. Hill, Springville High, access facilitator.

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