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Springville Public Library ramps up events for summer reading program

Springville Public Library

 Kids participate in a sing-a-long at Springville Public Library recently.

The Springville Public Library recently began its summer reading program this year and has a slam-packed schedule featuring events for all ages nearly every day of the week. 

Sarah Reese, an employee of Springville Public Library, said that though events happen at the library year-round, they really ramp up during the summer reading program. 

The program has varying reading bookmarks for kids, tweens, teens and adults. Those who complete their reading bookmarks and turn them in by July 31 will receive prizes for their achievement. 

Along with the reading challenge comes a list of dates for events for all ages to enjoy.

“That’s all part of our summer reading program, to have events to have registration,” Reese said. “They get prizes for their books at the end of the summer.”

Reese said the entire library staff is involved when it comes to the summer reading program and the coordinating of the events. 

“Our library director oversees all of it, but really the whole staff is involved in different parts of it,” Reese said. 

Library director, Jamie Twente, said the summer reading program is a chance to connect with the community in a positive way.

“We know that children’s success in school and, ultimately, in their life and careers has everything to do with their reading ability,” Twente said. “In the summertime, the kids that we see get to keep up that reading ability that they work so hard with their teachers during the school year to attain.”

Reese said the turnout the library staff sees depends on the event being held. In one of their most recent events, Magical Poodles, the staff hosted over 250 people. 

“That’s one of our Wednesday events that’s held down at the church, so that was one of the biggest events we’ve ever had,” Reese said. “So we’re really excited about that because the last few years, you know, 2020 was a difficult year, and 2021 was when everyone started to recover and get back out. This year everybody’s ready to get back out there and get involved, so we’re pretty excited about that.”

Participating in the program is free for those with a library card in the county, and those wanting to participate in surrounding counties can purchase a library card for $25. The reading benchmarks and summer activities can be found on the Springville Public Library’s website.