Several sets of twins at Odenville Elementary

Odenville Elementary School is home to eight sets of twins this academic year. From left are Ruby and Julia Peel, Josh and Andrew Clark, Jolee and Analyn Stansell, Luke and Logan Hall, Rowan and Greg Brasher, Annalee and Briley Nickell, Ayden and Ashton Bowen, and Addy and Aiden Huckaby.

ODENVILLE – No, folks are not seeing double at Odenville Elementary School these days. It only seems that way, what with eight sets of twins in attendance this academic year.

Principal Christa Urban said it is a special year at her school.

“It is a blessing to work with each child as each one brings his/her unique personality to complete their twin team, as well as within the classroom and school,” Urban said.

The eight set of twins are Briley and Annalee Nickell, Greg and Rowan Brasher, Julia and Ruby Peel, Ashton and Ayden Bowen, Logan and Luke Hall, Analyn and Jolee Stansell, Aiden and Addy Huckaby and Josh and Andrew Clark.

Karen Nickell, mother of Briley and Annalee, said it has been a long time since there were twins in the family.

“Nothing recent until my babies were born,” she said.

Denise Clark said twins are hereditary on her husband’s side of the family.

OES pre-k teacher Amanda Black said she has taught several sets of these twins through the years, and she has the Clark twins this year.

“I have had the Stansell and Brasher twins in the past,” Black said. “It is really fun teaching these twins because they all create different things and bring new things to the table. They are all just a little bit different in their own way.”


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