Ragland City Hall

Ragland City Hall

RAGLAND – Jason Fondren with KPS Group, a consultant out of Birmingham, gave a final update on the Downtown Revitalization Plan to the mayor and council last week.

The meeting, the council’s first of the new year, was Monday, Jan. 14.

Fondren said the plan is a guide for the town and downtown investors to physically and economically enhance and sustain downtown Ragland.

The plan focuses on properties fronting Main Street between Fredia Street and 9th Street and along Church Street (Alabama 144) toward the CSX rail line to Main Street.

Three public meetings were held to collect information from residents, business owners and downtown stakeholders. The planning committee also met with the St. Clair County Economic Development Council.

Mayor Richard Bunt asked council members to take time to read through the plan and jot down notes, suggestions or questions they may have.

“This is a plan,” Bunt said. “It’s not etched in stone. We will review it and look at the feasibility of everything. There are some people who have shown some interest just from us cleaning up the town, and they want to invest in our town now. There are some people who are showing a lot of interest.”

Bunt said city officials will get back with Fondren to give him any last questions, concerns, etc. and go from there. Bunt said the municipality lost everything in the downtown area when the tornadoes hit March 27, 2011.

In other business, the council;

  • Approved $1,000 for a grant match for the library, and approved a resolution to open a library grant checking account for the $1,000;

  • Tabled approving an ordinance concerning garbage service until a later date in order to discuss it at a work session that has been scheduled for Feb. 11 at 5:30 p.m.;

  • Approved a resolution to declare a 2011 Chevrolet Camaro as surplus property and put it on GovDeals.com;

  • Heard a report about the library from Jerry Sue Brannon;

  • Approved the minutes from the previous meeting in December 2018; and

  • Approved for bills to be paid.

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