PELL CITY -- During the week, Kathy Roberson is a teacher at St. Clair County Head Start, but during the weekend, she is a minister who spreads the gospel through song, and, boy, can she sing.

During a recent performance at the Martin Luther King Unity Breakfast, Roberson, 58, had the audience up on its feet, clapping and singing along with her.

“God really gave me that passion to uplift people,” she said.

The Pell City native is the lead singer at her church, The Greater New Destiny Christian Church in Pell City, which serves around 100 members.

The congregation meets every Sunday and Wednesday at Celebration on U.S. 231 South, and Roberson can be found there singing gospel and spreading the word through song.

As a teacher, Roberson began her career as a teacher aide in 1991. She temporarily left the classroom and returned in 2006, armed with a degree from Jacksonville State University in early childhood education.

She has been a preschool teacher at St. Clair County Head Start since 2006, working with 3-year-olds.

“I love that age group,” she said.

Roberson is a devout Christian, and a licensed minister, who said she loves to minister through song. Her church’s choir has 15-20 members, and she is also a member of the praise team.

Roberson said she has been a member of The Greater New Destiny Christian Church for almost five years.

“God led me there,” she said. “I’ve been happy and satisfied ever since. God has blessed me.”

Her pastor is Bishop Maurice Keller, and her music director is Dr. Corey O’Neal, who is the principal at Duran South Junior High School.

Roberson said she grew up loving music and singing. Her parents also were devout Christians.

“My mother and father loved to sing,” she said. “I fell in love with it.”

Roberson attended First Baptist Cropwell on Mays Bend Road with her family when she was growing up. She said her brother and two sisters also sing.

“They can sing well,” she said. “They like singing.”

Roberson, who started singing at the age of 3, has been ministering through word and song for the past decade.

“It just lifts you up,” she said.