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The Smoke Walkers (Pell City Fire Department) Instructor Angel McCaig Celebrities: Captain Joey Vaughan, Firefighter Steve Cavender, Firefighter Scott Rhoades, Fire-medic Caleb Andrews, Fire-medic Kent Dunaway. Dancing to It’s Raining Men

PELL CITY -- The Fifth Annual Pell City Dancing with the Stars raised more money than in previous years.

Doris Munkus said the event raised about $18,500.

“We still have donations coming in,” she said Monday.

The dance contest was Friday at Celebrations with 14 dance teams, 64 dancers competing in the event.

Footloose 5-0, which consisted of Pell City Police Chief Paul Irwin Jr., and his officers, Capt. Josh Herren, Lt. Vince Warrington and Lt. Doug Carden, won the group category, while father-and-daughter team Bill Erwin and Dr. Tami Blaudeau won the couples category.

Also in the group category, The Dance Fevers of St. Vincent’s St. Clair Hospital with Dance Logistician and Executive Assistant Joanna Murphree and hospital employees Kara Chandler, Lisa Nichols, Shiloh Swiney, Jimmy Vaughn, Richard Crocker, Arthur Baldridge and Robbie Roberts, placed second.  Members of that group also won the “Most Fun Award,” while Ice Breakers, which consisted of Pell City business owners Blair Goodgame, Craig Tumlin, Michelle Tumlin, Kimberly Gossett Myers, Tracey Wilson, Eva Hildebrandt, Jay Turner and instructor Leslie Day placed third in the group category. The Ice Breakers also sold the most tickets for the event.

In the couple’s category, Pell City High School teacher Jared Shiver and instructor Leigh Ann Wilder placed second, while Paul and Syndi Cobb finished third in the couple’s category.

The King Pin and the Miss Demeanors, which consisted of local attorneys Tiffany Holder, Ericka Elzey, Sarah Brazzolotto, Laurie Mize-Henderson, Landon King and instructor Tori Castleberry, won the “People’s Choice Award.”

“Everyone had a lot of fun, and we were accident free,” Munkus said.

She said around 500 people attended the event.

Money raised is being donated to the Pell City Police Foundation, an organization that helps support the Pell City Police Department.