Pell City Animal Control Center

A sign for the Pell City Animal Control Center. 

PELL CITY – The Pell City Council approved a contract with the city of Moody for animal control services.

“Previously, Moody partnered with a veterinary center in their area for impoundment services, but due to a change in ownership at that facility, they have sought to partner with the city in this regard,” said Brian Muenger, city manager for Pell City.

Pell City will charge Moody $10,000 for the remaining current fiscal year, which ends Sept. 30, to impound animals brought to the Pell City Animal Control Center from Moody.

“The city of Moody has submitted an accounting of their past animal control activity, indicating that in previous years, they have averaged only 40 animals picked up by their animal control officer,” Muenger said.

He noted Moody does not have a full-time animal control officer.

Muenger said the Pell City Animal Control Center would also now accept surrendered animals from Moody residents, which could increase that average.

“Based on the population of Moody and their relatively low animal control activity, we have proposed a fee of $10,000 for the remainder of the current fiscal year,” Muenger said. “This will allow the city to monitor the intake associated with the new partner and increase, if necessary, that fee in subsequent years.”

In accordance with the contract, the Pell City Animal Control Center will “receive, care for, and humanely dispose of all unclaimed animals delivered to it by User, its agents and employees or designees.”

All contracts with the Pell City Animal Control Center are renewed annually and generally run from Oct. 1-Sept. 30 each fiscal year.

Moody City Clerk Tracy Patterson said the Moody City Council also approved the contract during its meeting this week.