ODENVILLE -- It was a weekend Odenville’s Colton Moore will always remember. 

Moore, 9, the son of Brandon and Jennifer Moore, spent Saturday, Oct. 5, as a guest of head football coach Ed Orgeron and LSU and watched the Tigers pick up a 42-6 win over Utah State.

Jennifer said the way the LSU Nation reached out to Colton was absolutely amazing.

“Coach O; his wife, Mrs. Kelly; and all the players went above and beyond for Colton,” she said. “This experience was more than I could have ever imagined.”

Colton had the chance to meet Coach O and Mrs. Kelly on the field before the game. Colton then had the chance to greet each coach and player as they came through Tiger Walk.

“Mrs. Kelly had Colton in the head coach suite by the press box. The love shown to Colton by everyone associated with LSU was totally indescribable.”

Colton was born with spina bifida, which literally means “split spine.” Spina bifida happens when a baby is in the womb and the spinal column does not close all of the way.

Jennifer took a photo of Colton on the first day of school this year, and the third-grader asked his mother to send it to Orgeron. The mother told her son she would try, and her efforts drew an almost immediate response. 

“Within 24 hours, Coach O’s assistant had contacted me wanting to know when we could make the trip to Baton Rouge,” Jennifer said.

Donations to a GoFundMe page helped the family raise the necessary funds for the trip.