Odenville Police Department dancing

Members of the Odenville Police Department dance to Elvis' "Jailhouse Rock" in a three-minute lip sync video the department released Thursday. 

ODENVILLE – Look out Nashville, and move over Blake Shelton and your boy Luke Bryan. Some good ole boys from the Odenville Police Department may soon take over the country music scene.

That is, if you can count a lip sync challenge.

Odenville police Chief Adam Pardue and his seven officers, along with police dog Bella, put together a three-minute lip sync video Wednesday that received more than 1,000 page views in the first 14 minutes it was on social media.

“We had been talking about it for about three of four days,” Pardue said. “The citizens of our city wanted us to do it.”

Pardue said it took about 2 ½ hours to shoot all the scenes. Alec Graham, a good friend of the OPD, stayed up all night into Thursday morning putting it all together. By 2 p.m. Thursday, the video was up and going viral.

The video starts with Pardue driving a pickup and being pulled over by an Odenville police officer. Both Pardue and the officer lip sync to Daryl Singletary’s hit “Too Much Fun.” The next scene is an officer pulling over a vehicle with the rap song “Ridin’ Dirty” playing extremely loud.

As the video continues, officers lip sync to the song “Bad Boys, Bad Boys, What Cha Gonna Do,” as Bella chases a suspect through the woods.

The video ends with everyone dancing and lip syncing to the Elvis hit, “Jailhouse Rock.”

“I do believe this helped the moral of our Police Department,” Pardue said. “We had to go on a couple of serious calls while we were making this video, but at the end of the day, we were all laughing and having a good time. We are a tight family.”

Pardue said his department has challenged the Moody and Springville police departments to do the same thing.

“They haven’t answered our challenge yet, but maybe they will,” he said.

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