SGA Speech winners from Odenville Middle School

For the eighth year in a row, Odenville Middle School has won the speech competition at the Alabama Student Council State Conference. First place winner was Lisa Lambert, left, and third place winner was Olivia Reaves.

The Odenville Middle School Student Government Association and Schoolwide Leadership Team recently attended the Alabama Student Council's State Conference at the University of Alabama in Tuscaloosa.

They won various awards, including first place in the Middle School Speech Competition. This makes eight years in a row OMS has won. The winner was seventh grader Lisa Lambert.

Lambert, who  is 12 years old, said she was surprised she won.

“I actually cried when I walked up there,” she said. “Everybody I competed against had very strong speeches. It was definitely a good feeling to win.”

Lambert said her speech was about ways that everyone could pledge leadership,

“not only to help our school, but our community as well.”

Third place winner was Olivia Reaves, 12, a sixth grader.

“I was shocked to know I had won third place,” Reaves said. “I was not expecting it because I have never done a speech competition before, and it is my first year at OMS. My speech was on pledging leadership, as well, and I focused on learning how to accept people’s differences, motivating and inspiring people, and teamwork. “

Other awards OMS won included:

O Outstanding Gold Council Award Middle School Division. This was the eighth year in a row to win;

O 1st Place - Banner award for Conference Theme: “Pledge Leadership”;

O 3rd Place - Scrapbook Competition Middle School Division;

O 2nd Place - Make-A-Wish Fundraiser at the state conference. They raised $1,608.

Student Government Association sponsor Tammy Williams said she is proud of her students for raising the bar every year.

“If we are going to compete, I want to win,” Williams said. “It’s awesome. To be able to win the speech competition eight years in a row is remarkable. It’s about teaching students competition. It’s preparing them for the future and to go out into the world and be somebody and make something or yourself.”

Williams said all 23 members of her SGA members are involved in the speech competition.

“They are the audience two weeks prior to the actual competition,” she said. “We live, eat and breathe that speech. Life is all about that speech and the project itself as well.”


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