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Moody High School seeks help in making outside lunch area become reality (with photos)

MOODY -- Moody High School is seeking help in completing plans to build new areas where students and teachers will be allowed to eat their lunches in order to better enhance social distancing and prevent the potential spread of COVID-19. 

Principal Christopher Walters explained his plan in a letter included in the “What's Happening in Moody” email sent out by the Moody Area Chamber of Commerce.

The letter states:

“At Moody High School for the 2020-2021 school year, one of the major barriers will be seating in our lunchroom. With the current capacity of the school lunchroom at 155 students, most of our students will have to eat in classrooms or around campus with our teachers.

“Moody High School does not have optimal seating options outside or inside that are conducive to eating meals. 

“We have a large area outside of our library that could house a great area not only for eating, but a space for gatherings and to serve as a classroom outside. 

“This area is currently grass … and we would like to pour a (30 feet by 50 feet) concrete pad (approximately $5,000), plus attach shade sails … to the sides of the buildings (approximately $500). This area could house benches and tables so that students could eat and gather, with the tables built by our Agriculture Science Department. 

“This would also help our students take ownership of the area with student-led projects. Eventually, this area could be turned into an outdoor theatre that could be utilized for our drama and music groups, as well an outdoor classroom.

“MHS would love to give this opportunity to students as it would be a great addition to campus. If you know of anyone that might be willing to help, we would love to talk with anyone about making our campus more student friendly. Thanks for your help!”

To help, contact Walters at the school.