Mr. James W. Anderson is right that Alabama’s teachers rank 38th on the pay scale of the 50 states.

I would also like to add that a few years ago some friends of ours in the Buffalo, N.Y., area were complaining to us about how much money the State of New York taxed them for education, yet Alabama out-ranked them on test results. Who knew? The media certainly never mentions this.

I voted no on St. Clair County’s last tax increase for schools because money is not the only solution to the problems in education as New York State has proven. However, had there been an itemized list showing that the bulk of this money was going to the teachers and their classroom students, I would have supported it.

Verbal promises mean nothing. If they did, Ashville would have received a new school they were promised 10 years ago. I understand the concerns of people who have moved into the western area of St. Clair County in recent years with regard to education.

Most have never lived outside of subdivisions in the suburbs of Birmingham, and fail to understand that in other parts of this county, there are farmers and ranchers who grow crops and cattle for their local grocery stores. They own a lot of acreage and this tax would have put some of them out of business.

Being highly educated is not going to mean very much when you show up at the grocery store and the shelves are empty.

So, there are two sides to consider when voting for property taxes. The suburbanites never seem to consider the farmers and ranchers side, only their own personal wants.

As for paving the roads at the entrance of our county schools, didn’t St. Clair County just raise a 4 percent gas tax for county roads?

Billy E. Price