Pell City Manager Brian Muenger

Brian Muenger is shown toward the end of his first week on the job as Pell City manager in 2015. 

PELL CITY -- City Manager Brian Muenger received high marks from the City Council, scoring a 92 percent out of a possible 100 percent on his performance evaluation.

“Although a formal evaluation takes place annually, I am fortunate to have elected officials that are willing to provide me with continuous feedback during the year. This, along with the formal evaluation, allows me to tailor my efforts to meet the needs of the city as directed,” Muenger said Wednesday.

The council rated Muenger in nine different grading categories, including Assisting Council in Policy-Making, Providing Advice, Internal Administration, Personnel Management, Effectiveness, External Relations, Intergovernmental Relations, Personal Characteristics and Management Style.

Within each category, the council scored three to five questions 1-5, with 1 representing unsatisfactory, 2 meaning the city manager needs improvement, 3 representing satisfactory performance, 4 awarded for a good performance and 5 representing outstanding performance.

Muenger received five 3s, his lowest mark on the six-page evaluation. Most of the scores awarded by individual council members were 4s and 5s.

“I can’t say enough about him,” Council President James McGowan said. “You can tell by his scores we are very satisfied with his performance. He does an outstanding job. I think overall, all of the council is satisfied with the job he does.”

Muenger was named city manager in 2015.

Before coming to Pell City, Muenger served as the Talladega city manager for four years. He also served two years as the assistant city manager for Talladega.

McGowan said Muenger does his homework before presenting something to the council.

“He’s very prepared when he brings something to us,” McGowan said.

McGowan said Muenger has been a good fit for the city and is an excellent manager of the municipality.

“I know we looked long and hard before we hired him, but I think we made the right decision,” McGowan said.

Muenger appears to work well with the mayor and council.

“There are many difficult decisions that must be made in the course of operating a city, and I appreciate the council and mayor's continued support,” Muenger said.