ASHVILLE – Last Saturday, about 70 members of the Looney Family gathered at the John Looney House Pioneer Museum for a day of history, heritage and homecoming. Members of the family came from all over Alabama, as well as Arizona, Florida, Georgia, Kentucky, Oklahoma, Ohio, Tennessee, Texas and Utah.

The day began with a history of the Looney Family’s journey from Virginia to Tennessee and after the Creek War their journey into Alabama and St. Clair County. Lunch was provided by Chef T of Ragland and the entertainment was Mr. Tommy White and White Mountain Bluegrass.

Among the speakers was Mickey J. Burton of Tallapoosa County, who is with a Pioneer Historical Reenactment Group, who gave a living history of what John Looney and his eldest son, Henry, would have seen in Alabama during their service to Gen. Andrew Jackson and when they first came to live in Ashville.

The final speaker of the day was Dan Williams of SCV St. Clair Camp 308 in Ashville, who gave a rendition of what an everyday soldier’s life was like in the Confederate States of America Army and included some historical trivia, such as:

(Q) Do you know why the Confederate Army dressed in gray?

(A) Because they preferred to attack early in the morning and blend in with the fog.

The Homecoming Celebration came to a close with a door prize drawing of books, artwork, and other items, all with St. Clair County ties, and the firing of Camp 308’s Mountain Howitzer Cannon.

The Historical Society sent a “Thank You” to Chef T, Mickey J.  Burton, SCV St. Clair Camp 308, UDC Ashville Chapter 1488, White Mountain Bluegrass, and all members of the Looney Family who were present and made the Homecoming Day a special day.